Ahmed Nasheed was born on the 3rd of January 1966, the sixth child in a family of ten. A well-established and successful musician in the Maldives, Ahmed is best known for his achievement with 'Zero Degree Atoll', one of the most popular bands in the history of Maldives. Their groundbreaking album, 'Dhoni' is a masterpiece and the first of its kind. It still stands in a class of its own and continues to be a constant source of inspiration for many young and emerging musicians. Ahmed's dedication and innovative contribution to the creation of 'Dhoni' was remarkable. Ahmed's solo debut album 'Dhaalu Raa' is expected to be a major milestone in the local music scene. The album features a wide range of songs that clearly demonstrates Ahmed's capabilities and extraordinary talent. Interestingly Ahmed had written and composed some of these songs nearly twenty years ago but unfortunately didn't get the right opportunity to record them. Then in October 2010, Ahmed was invited to work with his current production team. The album is a true testimonial of Ahmed's devotion and passion for music.

Ahmed grew up in Male', (the capital of Maldives) where he passed his leisure time running around the streets, playing football and going on fishing trips with 'street kids' colloquially know as 'vakarugeykudhin'. Ahmed is easily described by his family as modest and easy going person. A man of few words, Ahmed speaks with gratitude of his amazing talent in music and had kind words for those who supported him in making his dreams a reality. Hailed for the originality he has brought into the Maldivian music scene, Ahmed remains completely humble and dedicated to reaching new heights in music. As Ahmed often says 'where there is life, there is music'. This is a belief that has lived by as he worked relentlessly ad with great faith to achieve his goals. Ahmed Nasheed continues to be one of the most popular, well respected and loved musicians in the Maldives. Having released his solo debut, 'Dhaalu Raa', Ahmed has once again set the bar high for local musicians while paving the way for mach greater recognition and increased awareness of the Maldivian music, art and culture.